Personal Growth

Hearing both sides

Before a situation or an incident we tend to want to hear both side before making a judgment. It is also written in the laws that before someone will be sentence for a crime he committed a trial must first take place. The thing is that it is so difficult to place a judgment when you have not been in the incident and you have to trust only the words. Another example is war where you are being told different stories of what actually happened. I would like to share with you the thoughts and the feelings I gained during and after I had watched a documentary about the Vietnam War, hearing Americans giving their version of the story and the Vietnamese giving their version. I am fluent in both languages and the structure, expressions, sound and much more are so far from each other.

When I hear an American speaks I can relate to the language because I grew up with American English and Sweden has tons of American entertainment in its media channels. The language has become a passive skill. Now, when it comes to Vietnamese I grew up with the language and the culture with the language stayed in the family. It has been approximately eight years since I last used it as a daily language. Nowadays I only communicate basic things with my mother now and then. Even though I have not used the language so frequently I still understand 90% when I hear it.

So, back to the documentary. When a former soldier from the Vietnam War described his feeling when looking back at the war and the desperate situation he and his comrade were in I got a bit of an intern feeling mix of shock, confusion and silence. At that moment I released that I just saw and understood the two angle of a story; the feeling, the expression, the richness in the language and so much more that I cannot describe in words, and I am not the only one who can.

I don’t like to think too much, but I have this naturally personality of extreme curiosity that makes me overanalyse everything that catches my attention. A conclusion of the aha-moment made me think of some of the quality that I have might have to do with me being bilingual in two languages that are so far from each other. Wait, I am actually trilingual. ^^’ Now I see why I have identity crises. One too many.. -.-‘