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Women’s International Day

Be inspired

Yesterday was the International Women’s Day and I had the opportunity to attend an event called Women in Tech, an event to inspire women to join and to stay in the tech industry. Many good points were brought up during the speaking and panel session, for example that we all no matter gender need to have role models and mentors to help us to reach our full potential. I saw a Senior Advisor named Rosie this second time on stage and I somehow I admire her. Maybe because the way she explains her opinions, the way she sits or maybe I relate to her. I would have love to get the opportunity to exchange a few words with her but suddenly after a session she stood close by and I chickened out. I had so many questions I would like to ask her but when she was right there my questions were whipped out in my head. I also had the thought of doing some research before asking her to become my mentor. I have never had a human female role model before so this is completely new to me. I think I just need sometime to reflect on and process the new feeling I gained.

Be an individual

I do sometimes get the feeling of being an outsider among other people and the reason might be the values that I have do not always match with the people in the same room. For example I don’t believe in quotation, I don’t think the term “equality between men and women” is correctly used, that women have to prove that they are as good as men is just nonsens. This is inaccurate and it is a twisted view of the capability of a woman because we master areas and have skills men never can compete with us and vice versa. We need politicians and leaders to focus on working towards our individual economic, social and physical security. We need to be seen as an individual, be given opportunities which we have earned and with that we will be proud of our own accomplishment and not because someone wants a chick because someone else said so.

We have multi choices

If we look back in history even as close as one generation ago of how men have survived through the ages. They only had one way to go in life. They have to make money to provide for the family which means they have to be educated and know the right people to take them further. Women also used to have one way to go, straight to the kitchen and care for the family. Our career was the household. Women competed with other women to secure the economy by choosing a good man, to protect what we had when we got it. Of course there are more to it but is not relevant to this topic.

Today as an individual in a free country we have more choices. We can either be a career orientated woman, stay at home mom (even if not all women thinks it is cool) or whatever we want to be. But this does not make it easier for us because with this comes the images of a super mom slash career woman and that image is eating us from the inside. Why do we do this? To prove someone who has no matter in your life something? And then what? I just believe that women need to relax more. We have choices, use it wisely and don’t burn out yourself.

There are so many great subtopics to write about but I will stop here and wish every woman a happy and healthy Women’s day.