Hydrate your eyes

I love the Swedish winter. Winter in Sweden is not horrible at all like some other countries where the humidity crawls under your cloths. It is only horrible when there are no snow and everything is wet and the streets look dirty because of the melted brown snow.

When winter comes there is one thing that makes me not wanting to head out in the mornings and that is the pain in my eyes I feel every winter morning. This issue has been with me for half of my life and I had no idea what it was. I went to the doctor and got a prescription for eye drops and I already knew that it won’t help but I gave it a try.

Last year I met a guy at a friend’s birthday party and he told me the he happened to break his cornea and that the doctor wanted him to eventually do an eye surgery. I don’t remember the details but he told me that he for some reason started to drink A LOT of water before going to bed. He notice after a day or two that the pain in his eyes decreased so he continued. By doing so he avoided eye surgery and today he is all fine. He explained that by drinking a lot of water before bed his eyes stayed hydrated and gave the eyes to heal. After our conversation I felt that I wanted to try and drink water every night before I went to bed to see if my pain in the eyes would also disappear. Guess what, it worked. I have only had one day this winter where I had pain in my eyes in the morning but that was because of the Christmas party the night before. But that is another story. So people, drink at least a glas a water every night and see if something changes.