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Public speaking is for many a horror. Standing there for the first time is almost like standing in a public place naked where all eyes are on you. You feel vulnerable, stressed and you have no where to hide. These feelings are not welcomed by us so we tend to hide them by blending into the crowd and forget about them. But they are still lurking in the dark.

Many benefits will come just be learning how to speak in the correct way. You will become aware of yourself, how you move and sound. You will breath better and can control your voice. Your will automatically advance in your career. You will gain respect among your colleagues and friends. The most important is that you will feel good about yourself.

I stepped my first foot to Stockholm Toastmasters 2017 and decided that I wanted to do something about this feeling. I paid the fee, waited for the materials to arrive but I never got the chance to hold my first speech. There were other plans that needed my attention. But I never let go of the thought that I will soon return and hold my first speech.

The year is 2019 and I have given attention to my other plans, they are up and running and now I can focus on my other plans. This year is the year where I shall pick up where I left and hold my first speech. I dream of one day to have the confident to hold a speech at a large tech conference and see how all the people in the space lend me an ear for a few minutes of their life. It is something magic about that moment where you catch the attention of a thousand people at once and can change the atmosphere instantly. I also dream that one day I will pass this soon will obtained knowledge and experience to someone and I would proudly sit in the audience and enjoy every minute of the moment. 

The Toastmaster club is an international club and can be found in major large city around the world. It is a club where members train members by given each other honest and concrete feedback. It is a professional club and you can even attend competition in public speaking around the glob. I would recommend it to anyone who seek like-minded people who also want to become a more confident person.

You have already taken a huge step just by showing up.