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The benefit of writing

“What? Writing? Me? Not my thing.”

Well, is brushing your teeth your thing? Is waking up early everyday to go to work your thing? Is taking a shower everyday your thing? If it is, then I wonder… My point is not that one should write a novel, a book, a blog or anything like that if that is not their thing but to write to let the thoughts out and make room for reflection.

Last year I bought a book that covers five years of everyday writing. I managed to fill in everyday with a short text about my day, but it became so boring so the last two months in the book are empty. This year I got the chance to look back almost each day and reflect. What made me happy or unsatisfied and what can I do better this year.

Another type of writing which I like is writing whatever comes into your mind. I have two books, one next to my bed and one I sometime bring with me every where I go. It is fun to look back on my crazy ideas and plans years back. I get so inspired and so impressed by young adult-me five years, so many dreams to follow and energy that needs to be spent. By looking back I can see that some of my dreams are still there and that confirms that it was not just a temporary crazy idea I had back then. Also I try to remember to put the date in the corner of the page. The notes becomes more interesting with time.

By writing you learn how to communicate better and improve your language. How to structure your thoughts and get to know yourself better. For instance I am not the same person when writing and when speaking. I get to know a different side of myself. This way I can explore my thoughts on a different level.

“Handwriting has its own personality”

It is so important to not forget how to use a pen even when we type daily on the computer. The muscle memory works in a different way and it becomes more personal when writing with a pen. It somehow becomes more important.

Through the years I have had multi blogs and at the time when they still existed I went back to see how my writing was. I am a bit ashamed to admit that it was terrible, but it gave me joy. No one actually cares or remember any of that today. Just like this post. You might find my writing not perfect and that my formulations sometimes are not correct. It is okey. Also this post will also soon be forgotten but it existed for this particularly moment. I am still learning and the only way to become better is to keep writing, reading and listening. So start writing if you have not yet started. You will not regret it.