Healthy lifestyle

Sleep enough
7 – 8 hours
Keep your mind alert and healthy
Being more effective and better social life

Be in shape
Your learning is 20 % more effective and faster
You look good and gain great confident
You respect your partner and love life by being in shape

Eat well
Vitamins for a functional body
Better skin, nails and hair => good looking
More energy at the end of the day

Live comfy
Invest in the best bed for better sleep which will boost your energy
It is calming for you mind to enter home
When you are the owner of your living, freedom of creativity will starts to flow

Friendship / Family
Have few true friends, they will be there when you are sick or in need
Call / meet at least a friend every week, someone you care about
Stinginess is a friendship killer, be genuinely generous with everyone but not stupid

He/she should be your best friend and partner in crime
Give 100 expect 0 (apply both ways)
Common ground values are a must and especially about money