Personal Growth

Learn a skill in everything mindset

People have asked my why I am good at many skills an asked me if I have been doing those for a long time. Most of my skills I posses today are learnt after my 20s. I will share in the post what made me so “talented” in everything I do.

I choose activities and skills based on my interests.

For example, I don’t hit the gym to lose weight or get fit. I love acrobatics so I go there to improve my acrobatics skills. When I train acrobatics I automatically get fit and gain a lot of energy to use for the rest of the day to study or read.

I choose activities and skills to complement my current skills. 

I took ballet classes to improve my posture and gain better control over my muscles. This benefits me in any other sports I would like to train but also in my daily life. I look confident when I stand, sit or lean and the good first impression just became a little bit easier.

Do it everyday without forcing it and have a pause.

I wanted to learn how to code but lack the amount of time I wanted to spend on it. I quit my designer job and joined IT and made coding part of my daily life. This way I can learn to code at work and have time for other things I want to do. My pause are the evenings and weekend.

Be open for criticism and don’t take things personal.

If someone is willing to criticism you, probably they are open to show you their correct way. People are natural egotist creature and if you can boost their confident by acknowledge their thoughts and feelings you might pick up a thing or two. Just try to avoid arrogant people. They are not worth your time.

I love the theory of consistency.

It is boring as hell but the results are dazzling. As long as you have a plan of consistency and have committed to do the thing you want to you will succeed. At the beginning it will take sometime and you have to have patient. But after one goal is reached the next one won’t feel too difficult. When you got the consistency then it will be the same as brushing your teeth.

Learn the skill before you need it.

I am like most people when it comes to public speaking. I become afraid and just want to hide in some corner. But if I overcome my fear and just practise public speaking week after week and one day when I need it, I will dazzle on the stage. If you have a deadline like an exam it might not be so pleasant to learn. If you casually learning then it will be more fun and the pressure of a must will not exist.