Personal Growth

Nothing and everything is normal

Have you ever asked yourself the question, what does normal actually means? Is normal the same as fitting in?

I have observed for many years how people act around old friends, groups and new groups. If you put normal in those situations, what is considered normal in those different groups? For example, if you hit the gym but don’t work out and you just sit and observe other people. Certainly you will be the wierdo in that room. When you stand in the subway and start to work out, you are the werido in that space. Another example is when you come to a new city or country, let say Stockholm were everything is “lagom” and you are extremely extrovert and show off your skills and friendliness to strangers, then you are the creepy one. If you visit Italy and just be a Swede, then poor you. No one will like you.

So back to the question, what is normal? My theory is that normal is when you behave just like the majority of the group. Among good old friends being yourself is normal, being someone else is not. Being normal with a tweak equals you are interesting. So be normal and the tweak is your personality.