Personal Growth

Choose your tools to help organise your private life

In today’s society we are all so busy with our lives and we pile up with to-do tasks and put even more pressure on ourselves to perform perfect and at maximum speed. I believe in working smarter and not harder and that means finding a system that work for you.

Since I changed career I have learnt how to use Google and YouTube in better ways to solve all of my daily issues and find answer to most of my questions. I don’t reinvent systems because 9 of 10 times, someone else has already done it. Instead I pick out tools and systems that are right for me and adapt them to my needs. Then I can be more productive and in the end of the day I have more energy for creativity and relationships.

For planning my goals and activities I mainly use MindNode, Excel and Trello.

I have been using MindNode for many years to create mind maps of my goals and dreams and from there plan my habits and activities. I modify them every 4 months and compare the sheets to see what have changed. With this system I know what really is important and what is just a temporary desire. I also have use the app Mindly to keep a simple version of min notes in MindNode just as a reminder incase I someday feel a bit lost. MindNode do work on the phone but I somehow like to have Mindly in my phone instead.

I use Excel to plan my daily, weekly and monthly activities in details based on my MindNode sheets. With this system I created consistency and I managed to learnt new skills quickly. I also know keep my old Excel sheets to look back at when I want to review my activities.

I started to use Trello in my private planning quite late. I realised that Trello was my last tool I needed to be able to let go of the tasks in my head that were constantly bugging me. Now when everything is written down on cards I can finally relax and focus on a few chosen tasks. When I feel like starting a new task I can always head to the board and pick any card I would like to work with. This way I can keep track of my projects and actually finish them so that my time don’t go to waste.