IT consultant in 90 days

I have decided. I have taken one of my biggest challenge in my life so far. To become an IT consultant in 90 days.

I started this bootcamp in Stockholm today and I was really nervous. We did have a kick off a month ago but still, it felt a bit silly to feeling this way. How should I start this..

6 weeks ago I took this “intelligence” online test for a school called Academy. It was a test divided in three parts where it measured three things. Math, logic and reading. I passed the test sent my CV and received a phone call the week after for 1 hour of interview. I had to take another test which was divided in two part. One measuring your motivation and the other your personality. After the test I as welcomed to an interview face to face with one of the recruiter. It was an intensive interview and very interesting one. I guess I nailed it because a few days after I was the last person to fill in the last spot.

The first day went great! We took a test on our pre studies (a month before) and I became familiar with my classmate and we started to do a workshop together. Finally! I feel like this is what I want to do the coming years..


So why did I choose to start over again? I was tired of being a designer and I wanted ta have a change. Before I decided to go through the decision I had some bullet point I went through before I made a commitment.

  • Find a growing market
  • Become a valuable resource for your customer and your employer
  • A flexible job and working remotely is possible
  • I will be headhunted and not the other way around
  • A job that benefit me because of my appearance 
  • I want to be cool and become smarter
  • Working with the future
  • Where I can grow and further professional development are included
  • Contract work
  • and much more