M A I Y U K I maiyuki

P  O  R  T  F  O  L  I  O




Founder and IT Consultant
@ attilde.com

Work experiences

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Higher educations and further educations.

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Sports Merits

Mind and body of an athlete. Where the best challenges are found.

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Design portfolio

Sketches, print and digital work.

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Modeling portfolio

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A Beautiful Mind


Thoughts, stories and ideas.
A space for her to clear her mind.



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Who is she?

She carries out everything with elegance and appreciates beautiful details. She values a well-deserved reward after diligent effort, friends who laugh wholeheartedly, and individuals with a great sense of humor. She is someone who has wrestled with finding her purpose in life and has thus embarked on a journey to explore it instead.

What is this place?

Many ask her, "How do you find time for so many pursuits?" Her usual response is, "Because I never owned a TV." What does this answer imply? Was it a matter of affordability? Or did she simply not have a conventional living room? Whatever the reason, eliminating major distractions allowed her to find joy in other aspects of life. This place showcases a collection of some of her accomplishments over the years, ensuring they will not be forgotten. Life holds little value unless it has been truly experienced by oneself.