I went swimming today with my Galaxy Watch for 50 min in a bit more intensive pace. According to my watch, I burnt 480 calories. “Isn’t that a lot?” I thought to myself. Apparently, it is reasonable. Taking a 50 min walk burns 140 calories according to my Galaxy Watch. That made me wonder what sports are most efficient when it comes to burning calories.

When googling you will find that the top sports are such as running, swimming, soccer, basketball, etc. The numbers are different, from 500 cal to 1 000 cal per hour. If you look at what they have in common. They all require you to constantly be in the movement and being alert which means you have to keep focus. It requires you to move over a certain area with a certain speed and you have to use your whole body.

My experience with running vs swimming

Running. The feeling of running is nice when I am surrounded by nature, water, and a beautiful view, and the breeze is nice. I like the soft Nike show on my feet och I love to wear training top and tight leggings and music in my ears. Nowadays I run with a hat on because the sun sometimes makes it too hot to move. The downside with running, it is boring and takes a lot of brainpower to get out and get going. I cannot run every day due to my sensitive knees. Bad weather makes it difficult to even get through the door.

Swimming. Through my child and early adulthood, I disliked being in it and I was afraid of the water. But 3 years ago I decided to overcome my fear and set my mind on actually learning how to swim. (The reason was that I booked a surf and yoga retreat trip and afterward remembered that I could not swim -.-‘). Fast forward, today I enjoy swimming for a few weeks each year. At the beginning each year, getting water in the nose is tough but when I have overcome it swimming is enjoyable and the feeling in the water is light which I like. It feels like I have to finish my lengths before taking a break which makes the exercise more efficient. There is not much downside to swimming for me. I could get dizzy afterward and being on land again feels heavy. If you swim in the public swimming hall the kids can be quite a pain and if you go on a popular time there could be much swimming at the same time. The best is if you can go in the morning or get your own lane.

In conclusion

Sports that burn most calories require you to move over a certain area with a certain speed and you have to use your whole body. But if you have no interest in one of those kinds of sports then pick something else. In the end, the question is, what sports feel like playing than working out and makes you excited to get up. It is how much you can get out of a chosen exercise rather than what the exercise promise to give you. The way of staying fit for the long run! :)