Hello visitor,

I am Maiyuki and I would like to invite you to the world inside my head.

I think a lot. I really think a lot. There are so much I want to learn, to share, so many questions, silly ideas and theories that pop up in my head. When someone proves me wrong, first I get upset with myself for being defeated, then I get curious and want to know more. Prove me wrong and you will gain my respect.

What I do for a living. I have been working with graphic design since 2013, complemented my skills with back-end programming at the end of 2017 and started a new career in IT. Beside working I have a passion for personal growth and how to improve quality of the daily life. The passion for personal growth began 1997, still a child I decided to to search for a better future.



This is the place where I ventilate my thoughts and ideas on how to improve the quality of life.


Peer-to-peer lending

If you are uncertain about the stock market and want to find alternative investment then I would recommend Peer-to-peer which also is my favourite alternative investment strategy. Most of my savings are place in Peer-to-peer and I check them out…

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IT consultant in 90 days

I have decided. I have taken one of my biggest challenge in my life so far. To become an IT consultant in 90 days. I started this bootcamp in Stockholm today and I was really nervous. We did have a kick…

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