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Maiyuki in Havana

I started to learn Cuba salsa dance more than two years ago and of course Havana was a destination I must visit. Now that the U.S dropped the embargot against Cuba then there will not be long until Mc Donald’s and KFC will pop up everywhere. I decided that it was time to visit Havana and see everything before everything changes. I would say that the city was not as I expected. It is a unique city indeed but somehow it wasn’t a destination of vacation. More likely a city to visit maximum a week. I do recommend people to visit the city this year and even thou I didn’t have the chance to visit the salsa clubs you could still hear the joy and music from the building which is really nice. If you even go to Havana, do not forget to visit the club Casa de la musica. I heard that the best salsa party should be there and everyone was recommending the club.

Food. It is hard to find good decent food. I would recommend to check out tripadvisor and see what restaurants they have promoted The legendary Sloopy Joe’s bar. I orded those mini burgers and it was super delicious and don’t forget to order their pina colada.

Drinks. Don’t expect they people to know how to serve a nice drink. The drinks will contain 30-50% alcohol and the rest other stuff, but it is still drinkable. But do try their Havana Club. It is their most popular rum.

Taxis. Always make the deal before getting into a taxi. It cost around 5-10 CUC per trip around town. If you live further away then maybe 15-20 CUC for a trip. From the airport into the city 20-25 CUC.

Internet? Don’t worry. There are internet hot spots here and there and you can easy spot them. When you see people sitting looking down on their hands, there you have it. You can buy the scratch cards from a hotel reception or someone at a crowded internet spot. They will try to sell you the card for 5 CUC if you are a foreigner. But just give then 2,5-3 CUC, because that is what the locals are paying. You may even bump into those wi-fi instructor dress in a white t-shirt where is says ”wifi instructor”. Pretty funny. 🙂

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