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On my way to recovery!

Maiyuki at SATS_

I haven’t told many of my friends that I got injured during January after an audition for The Student Team at Salsa Akademien Stockholm. My physiotherapist was concern about my muscle that might have has been a bit torn at the hip area. It has been two month since I haven’t been able to practise any climbing or aerial sport because of the injury. Now I feel much better compare to the first weeks where I was limping. I started to try out some aerial sports at the gym but it still hurts a lot. I will have an MRI scan on Tuesday and hope that I can recover more quickly. This is my second injury I’ve ever had. My first was when I played basket ball at year 2000 where my little finger got dislocated. Ouch! Now my hip. I realised that I really need to be careful and be proper warmed before jumping around, as the year I grow older. It would be terrible for me not to be able to do sports. Sports are my life and I would not want to live without it. So please be careful you too when you are out there! :)

I would like to give some recommendations to those who injured their hips and have no clue what to ask when visiting the doctors. My doctors just examined me for less than 2 minutes each time and gave me some drugs due to an inflammation in the hip (not really) and that’s why it has taken so long time for me to get a referral to the MRI scan. Just contact your physiotherapist immediately. They have the knowledge and can examine you more proper. Ask them about:

If your muscles have been overstretch
Is it an inflammation
Crack in the skeleton
Muscle that has been torn
Dislocated hip
(and other things you can think of)

The hip area is very strong so breaking something might not always been the cause. Just try to remember what caused the pain and what you think what could have happened. Do some research before visiting your physiotherapist to shorten the recovery time of your injure.

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Beauty hacks

Database for skin products


When I am curious about what’s inside my beauty bottles at home I visit some sites to check out the ingredients. I believe that I am not alone when it comes to all these ridiculous terms written on the table of content. You may not have time to check all of your beauty bottles but do take time to at least look up your everyday skin product(s) and see what it contains. I use Erborian Herbal Energy Lotion 30% everyday and I love it. But from what I can see in the table of content the ingredients are not 100% great even if it feels great on the skin. So I am still looking for another options, another product that can become my new favorit or I’ll just produce my own skin product. However the post is about database of beauty ingrediens so here is one, EWG. When you search for a specific ingredient or a product more articles an sources will appear in the end of some description. The site rates in scales of how ”dangerous” the ingredient or the product is between 1-10. You will understand when you visit the site.

I have another source I used to use when EWG doesn’t have the information I need, but I forget. I found that source at EWG at the end of the information so I might figure it out. Will update when I come across the site again. If you only want to quickly read about a specific beauty ingredient och dig into it even more then I would recommend to use as you already are using. EWG is more of a database specific for beauty ingredients and some beauty products.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your beauty products research (if you’ll do that)! :)


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Game playing

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Yepp, ladies and gents!

Plant vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 on beta for pc is out. This is awesome! The game has been one of my favorite since 2011. I tried out Plant vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 1 during 2015 and I loved it. There are 3 new plant characters in PVZGW2. They look awesome and have more ‘modern’ abilities I would say. The classic characters have their typically plants-ability if you know what I mean. You can actually see in the video below, the new plant characters and their abilities. I also believe PVZGW2 wants to draw more girl players to the game. Why? Because they have this mucho feminine rose character that is more of a lady than the medic character sun flower. But I love her, she seems cool. Check the game out because I will. :) Happy playing!


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Game playing

Unravel gameplay

Release date Februari 9th 2016 world wide.

For those who don’t know. I am a big fan of game playing and the best games should contain adventure, puzzle, a story and beautiful graphic.

First time I saw the game I was amazed and I directly wanted to post it here. I will not write anything about the game because the game, the reviews and the uploaded videos of the games says it all and you can easily find it on google. Short story, Yarny’s (the main character) quest is to mend broken bonds and the yarn represents the love and connection between people. Yarny will be traveling through Scandinavia! :) If I would to buy a new game this month it would be Unravel and then broadcast it live on youtube. :) Promise, will update if I’ll do that.

If you are blown away by this game and start to love Yarny then make your own. Here is a video of how to make a Yarny. Happy Yarny!



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People's model, Photography

Commercial for Swish

Commercial model for the Swish, a payment service by Swedish banks. There are more photos that will be published during 2016 and maybe 2017 but I never know where they will pop up. Working as people’s model is actually fun and relaxing. Getting to meet people and there are no competition between the models, not so far as I know.


maiyuki swish seb


This photo was published at the end of December 2015



maiyuki swish va

This photo was published together with an article at in summer 2015

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Photography, Travel

Maiyuki in Havana

maiyuki in havana 2

I started to learn Cuba salsa dance more than two years ago and of course Havana was a destination I must visit. Now that the U.S dropped the embargot against Cuba then there will not be long until Mc Donald’s and KFC will pop up everywhere. I decided that it was time to visit Havana and see everything before everything changes. I would say that the city was not as I expected. It is a unique city indeed but somehow it wasn’t a destination of vacation. More likely a city to visit maximum a week. I do recommend people to visit the city this year and even thou I didn’t have the chance to visit the salsa clubs you could still hear the joy and music from the building which is really nice. If you even go to Havana, do not forget to visit the club Casa de la musica. I heard that the best salsa party should be there and everyone was recommending the club.

Food. It is hard to find good decent food. I would recommend to check out tripadvisor and see what restaurants they have promoted The legendary Sloopy Joe’s bar. I orded those mini burgers and it was super delicious and don’t forget to order their pina colada.

Drinks. Don’t expect they people to know how to serve a nice drink. The drinks will contain 30-50% alcohol and the rest other stuff, but it is still drinkable. But do try their Havana Club. It is their most popular rum.

Taxis. Always make the deal before getting into a taxi. It cost around 5-10 CUC per trip around town. If you live further away then maybe 15-20 CUC for a trip. From the airport into the city 20-25 CUC.

Internet? Don’t worry. There are internet hot spots here and there and you can easy spot them. When you see people sitting looking down on their hands, there you have it. You can buy the scratch cards from a hotel reception or someone at a crowded internet spot. They will try to sell you the card for 5 CUC if you are a foreigner. But just give then 2,5-3 CUC, because that is what the locals are paying. You may even bump into those wi-fi instructor dress in a white t-shirt where is says ”wifi instructor”. Pretty funny. :)

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